Personal Pack Checklist

Remember, Be Prepared. Use the checklist below to get a sense of everything you'll need to bring along with you on your backpacking and camping adventures.

How much you bring (for example, clothing) will depend upon the duration and the weather expected on your trip. You might also choose to substitute items if you're certain they will be provided (for example, instead of bringing pots and pans (because the troop will provide them), you bring a board game).

The Basics

Ground sheet, plastic
Thermal barrier and comfort pad
Bedroll or sleeping bag

Poncho or rain suit
Sweater or jac-shirt

Clothes bags containing:
Underwear, pair of socks, and shirt (1 for each camping day)
Pants (1 for each 2-3 camping days)
Emergency clothes bag containing:
Underwear, pair of socks, shirt, and pants
Swimming trunks
Spare uniform parts

First aid kit
Scout knife (if Totin' Chip certified)
Rope (at least 50m)
Notebook, pencil, paper
Map of destination area
Bible, Prayer book, Testament, or other religious text

Mess kit containing:
Canteen or water bottle
Utensils (knife, fork, and spoon)
Cooking kit containing:
Backpacking stove (if First Class or above)
Stormproof matches
Pot, anodized aluminum
Pan, anodized aluminum

Toiletries bag containing:
Multipurpose camping soap (suitable for dishes, clothes, and body)
Washbasin, aluminum
Wash cloth
Hand towel
Body towel
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Toilet paper (in waterproof container)


Boy Scout handbook
Insect repellent
Clothing repair kit
Air pillow
Camera and film
Camp chair