Troop 388 Neckerchiefs

A regal addition to any Scout's uniform.

Troop 388 is delighted to announce that the custom neckerchiefs, so long in production, were delivered Thursday of this week. As you can see from the photograph, they turned out beautifully!

The concept for the design was "From the mountains to the sea". Our two Eagle Scouts, Will Fleming and Adam DeRose, developed the concept and produced drawings to illustrate the design they thought would best express that concept. Then one of the most gifted graphic designers in this region, and a dear friend of Troop 388 (Harry Hartofelis), converted the drawings into a design we could submit for production. There were still several hurdles to get over in making sure that our design would translate clearly into embossed needle work but we got it done! You can see the trail winding down out of the cloud capped Blue Ridge Mountains, crossing the Piedmont and terminating where the surf is breaking on the beach. That's punctuated with a pitched tent to anchor the end of the trail. These will be the official neckerchiefs for Troop 388 and will be worn as part of the Boy Scout uniform.

The expense of production makes it imperative that we recover some of the cost of having them made. Consequently each neckerchief will cost $20. We are confident that these neckerchiefs will be valued by the Scouts all the way through adulthood. But they'll enjoy the distinguished means of identification they provide right summer camporees...even just at on-the-road meals we have on camping trips.

Scouts and Scouters should contact ASM Brown to procure their neckerchief.