Summer Camp at Camp Durant

Destination: Camp Durant (weather forecast, camp website)
Departing: Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 10am
Returning: Sunday, July 1 Saturday, June 30, 2012 around 12pm
Activities: Merit badges
Cost: Camp fee + up to $75 in spending money (minimum of $20 for food on the road)

Pre-Trip Checklist

In preparation for this trip, please follow this checklist:

  1. Confirm your attendance with the Scoutmasters
  2. Complete, with your parent or guardian, an emergency medical treatment form, if you have not completed one or if your current one is more than one year old
  3. Have your parent or guardian sign the permission slip
  4. No later than Monday, May 28th, 2012, turn in your emergency medical treatment form (if applicable), signed permission slip, and the activity fee
  5. Pack your gear, keeping these suggestions in mind:
    • Check the weather!
    • Bring swimming trunks and a towel

    Check the library for helpful planning information!

Packing List

This is a week long outing. Though you are in an established camp, be prepared! Bring the following:

Footlockers can be found at Walmart, Target, etc. A backpack or duffle bag works, too. Write your name and "Troop 388" on your foot locker, bag, etc!

Swimming Merit Badge

If you are taking the swimming merit badge, bring a pair of long cotton pants (khakis) -- not blue jeans and not conversion pants -- and a long sleeve shirt.


Troop 388 will meet in the parking lot of Food Lion (at the corner of Lead Mine and Sawmill, across from the Greystone Church) at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday June 24th.

Scouts must be dressed in "Class A" uniforms: Boy Scout Shirt, shorts, belt, undershirt, neckerchief and slide. The Troop (after an 18 month process) has finally received its new Troop 388 neckerchief. It looks really sharp and really stands out in the sea of khaki and green at ceremonies! We request that ALL Scouts purchase the new neckerchief for camp. We will have them with us at camp; cost is $20, payable by cash or check to "Troop 388". Thank you, ASM Brown for making this happen!

At Food Lion, I will check off all paperwork and meds. Please have:


If you are transporting your son, they will be checking the same at camp.

We will have lunch on the road on the way down at Pick n Pig. $10-$12 should cover it.

If you want to purchase a "footlocker", get one that will fit under cots. The dimensions of the footlocker are 14x17x30 inches. It's a Sterilite from WalMart. Jack T. uses a duffle bag; for every day of camp, he puts a tee, socks and underwear in a gallon ziplock bag to keep stuff clean and dry. A couple of tall kitchen trash bags are useful, as laundry bags or as a way to transport wet gear home.

$75 should be more than enough for spending money for "on-the-road food" and the trading post. If you don't want your son the have it all at once, one of the Leaders will hold a portion of it. They guys will need to stop for breakfast on the way home Sunday, so they'll need around $10 for that. If I told you that there are additional costs for your son's activities, make sure you account for that.

THERE IS NO LONGER A WEDNESDAY "FAMILY NIGHT" AT DURANT. Since the camp experience was so short, Camp officials would like it focused on activities by and for Scouts.

Your son is allowed to bring a cell phone; there is limited ability to recharge and the signal is pretty poor.

You can send your scout an email during his stay at summer camp. Just type your scouts name and Troop number in the subject line and we will deliver the email in a sealed envelope to your scout. Please limit your email to text only - no photos or videos. The email address is

You can expect your tired (and slightly grubby) Camper back at Greystone at 11:30-12:00 on Saturday, June 30. If you are picking up you son, you must be at at the Camp at 9:00 am.