AT Prepatory Hike

Please note: This plan is tentative.

Destination: Umstead Park (park details, weather forecast)
Departing: Sat, 19 April 2008 at 8:00am, assemble at Umstead Park (Reedy Creek Entrance)
Returning: Sat, 19 April 2008 - TBD
Activities: Backpacking
Cost: $0 (zero!)

Pre-Trip Checklist

In preparation for this trip, please follow this checklist:

  1. Confirm your attendance with the Scoutmasters
  2. Complete, with your parent or guardian, an emergency medical treatment form, if you have not completed one or if your current one is more than one year old
  3. Have your parent or guardian sign the permission slip
  4. No later than Mon, 7 April 2008, turn in your emergency medical treatment form (if applicable), signed permission slip, and the activity fee

  5. Check the library for helpful planning information!


Meet at 8am at Umstead Park. Use the Reedy Creek entrance, off of I-40.

Bring a full backpack, packed as you would for a 3-day backpacking trip. Substitute water for food.

Make sure you have a trail lunch packed, as well as trail snacks.

Check the library for more helpful planning information!